Machine Rental

When you contemplate the prospect of leasing a photocopier, whether your needs align with the short-term or extend into the long-term horizon, rest assured, it's a decision that will yield substantial financial benefits.


Why rent a photocopier?

Opting to lease a copier from a third-party source presents multiple benefits. It not only spares you from the frequently substantial initial expenses associated with purchasing new equipment but also exempts you from additional charges like maintenance and resource fees.
The primary motive behind many businesses choosing to rent a photocopier is the flexibility it provides.

Rental agreements span a variety of durations, ranging from a few days to as long as three years. This guarantees you uninterrupted access to a machine precisely for the duration you require.

Some situations may include:

Annual Taxes



Trade shows
& Expos

Legal work


Charitable events

Building site offices


Temporary buildings

Contract work


Annual reports

Large business meetings


Large projects

School exams


Types of photocopier rental

In the UK, photocopier rental plans are structured around your business’s photocopying volume and any extra functionalities you might need from the device.
Rented photocopiers are typically categorized as low, medium, or high volume machines.

To secure the most advantageous arrangement for your office demands, it’s crucial to assess your anticipated monthly photocopying volume beforehand.

Prior to making a decision, most rental providers will engage in a conversation about your business requirements to ensure you’re offered the most suitable choice.

Which photocopier rental option is suitable for your requirements?

Low Volume (Mono)approx.£25

  • 750 copies per month
  • Basic hardware
  • Scanner

Low Volume (Colour)approx.£35

  • 1000 copies per month
  • Basic hardware
  • Colour scanner

Mid Volumeapprox.£50

  • 8000 – 40,000 copies per month
  • Advanced hardware
  • Faxing
  • Colour scanner / printer
  • & more

High Volumeapprox.£200

  • 40,000+ copies per month
  • State-of-the-art hardware
  • Faxing
  • Stapling
  • Binding
  • Larger paper trays
  • Hi-def colour printing
  • Network capability
  • Automatic document management
  • Colour scanner / printer
  • & more


What are the benefits of renting a copier?

There are potentially more advantages to opting for the rental or lease of a photocopier as opposed to purchasing one. In the video case study presented below, you can explore the numerous business benefits associated with acquiring a photocopier from us, one of our esteemed photocopier partners.

  • When you opt for photocopier rental, you gain the advantage of a highly flexible rental period, free from any rigid end date. This arrangement proves invaluable, particularly if your business is in a growth phase or requires a photocopier for a specified duration.
  • Furthermore, in cases where your photocopier needs are short-term or if you’ve reached a point where you no longer require it, you have the convenience of returning the machine without the hassle of seeking a buyer.
  • In contrast, leasing may present challenges when negotiating extremely short-term agreements. Given that leasing implies a more extended commitment, the typical lease contracts tend to span from 12 to 60+ months.
  • One of the primary advantages of adaptable office photocopier rental and lease arrangements is the freedom they offer to scale up or down as required.
  • Seeking the latest model? Simply get in touch with your supplier.
  • Facing a slowdown in business and considering downsizing? Your supplier is just a call away.
  • The majority of photocopier companies operating in the UK provide swift and dependable service for both delivery and installation.
  • Their installation teams boast extensive experience and possess in-depth knowledge of the specific photocopier model being delivered.
  • Consequently, they are the most qualified individuals to conduct training sessions for your team on the new machine, ensuring a smooth transition and getting everyone up to speed efficiently.
  • While you are required to make a monthly payment for your photocopier rental, it often proves to be a cost-effective choice as it typically covers maintenance and toner expenses.
  • Furthermore, another advantage of renting is that you are not accountable for repairs if the machine encounters issues, which is not uncommon over time.
  • In such instances, your sole responsibility is to contact your supplier or manufacturer and request a maintenance technician’s prompt assistance.
  • If you’re launching a new business, facing uncertainty in your cash flow, or preparing for substantial expansion, opting to rent a photocopier can prove highly advantageous in maintaining a healthy cash flow.
  • Additionally, the rental fee constitutes a recurring operational expense, offering potential tax advantages that surpass those associated with capital allowances.
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