Managed Solutions

Our Managed Solutions approach combines business process improvement with the lifecycle management of information within your organization. We analyze your existing processes, identify areas for improvement, and implement tailored solutions that drive productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

Our Managed Document Services (MDS) presents a comprehensive five-step model that follows established project management and service management methodologies. This approach fosters enduring and sustainable partnerships between TECHNODOCS and its valued clients. We are committed to delivering a series of tangible solutions, addressing various aspects, including input, throughput, output, process enhancements, sustainability, and improved working practices.


What are the benefits of Leasing?

  • Our approach emphasizes aligning with both short-term and long-term business objectives.
  • We employ meticulous measurement and analysis to track the trajectory of information as it enters, circulates within, and is employed to drive results within your organization.
  • We conduct comprehensive reviews of input, throughput, and output patterns to unearth valuable insights.
  • Additionally, we scrutinize key business document processes, revealing potential insights that may have previously gone unnoticed, offering new perspectives on optimization opportunities.
  • Input, Throughput, and Output Optimization: We’ll enhance the efficiency of your document processes throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Core Business Process Improvement: Leveraging suitable document management technology, we’ll streamline and enhance your core business processes.
  • Sustainability and Document Security: We’ll focus on sustainability practices while fortifying document security, ensuring the responsible handling of your data.
  • Establishing Best Working Practices: Our aim is to establish and promote the most effective and efficient working practices for your organization.
  • Our approach is finely attuned to the achievement of both short-term and long-term business objectives.
  • We meticulously measure and analyze the flow of incoming information into your organization, tracking its journey through internal processes and discerning how it contributes to yielding concrete results.
  • We conduct comprehensive assessments of input, throughput, and output patterns to identify areas for improvement.
  • Additionally, we scrutinize key business document processes, unearthing insightful revelations that may not have previously been considered, opening up new avenues for optimization and efficiency.
  • We establish continuous governance measures to ensure the achievement of MDS objectives over time.
  • We deploy management tools that offer constant transparency, providing clients with the information necessary to make informed business decisions at any given moment.
  • Additionally, we offer service and support mechanisms that guarantee maximum productivity and user satisfaction, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: We design solutions that are flexible and scalable, accommodating your company’s growth and changing needs effectively.
  • Document Burden Reduction: Our approach aims to reduce the overall document load, streamlining processes to enhance efficiency.
  • Leveraging Documents as Assets: We emphasize using documents as valuable business assets, harnessing their potential for added value.
  • Enhanced Employee Productivity: Our solutions are geared towards improving employee productivity and optimizing access to critical information, ensuring seamless workflows.


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