Effective web design is a multidisciplinary endeavor that involves a myriad of factors. From lightweight themes to ensure your website’s speed, to proficiency in CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript, as well as expertise in graphic design, color schemes, and fonts – the checklist is extensive. Fortunately, we possess all these skills to create a web […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Our technical director is Andy Hodges, who has been running the company since 2014. He has a strong technical background and understands business IT very well. In addition to his directorial duties, he also advises the engineers on more complex technical problems. He likes to work alongside the remote team on support tickets, so that he has better insight into our customers’ issues and how to improve our service. You can always email him directly on if you have a question for him.
Our office in England are at Sherwood Business Park, Nottingham and for Europe we are based in Krosno, Poland. Supported languages are English, Portuguese and Polish
During business hours, your ticket will typically be assigned within 15 minutes under normal circumstances, although we often respond much faster. If resolving your problem requires an on-site visit by an engineer, they will contact you by phone to arrange a suitable time.
Our standard IT support contract encompasses the maintenance and support of all your existing equipment during business hours, along with additional benefits. For detailed information, please contact us at sales@technodocs.co.uk. We charge an additional £75 per hour for 'project' work, which includes tasks such as upgrading four or more computers simultaneously, office relocations, network expansions, new service or server installations, and data or service migrations.
In the rare event that we are unable to resolve your issue, we will collaborate with your software or hardware vendor to expedite a resolution. If you wish to escalate your case or have a complaint, our office manager is available to assist and ensure your satisfaction. Please note that any complaints you raise are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are only accessible to our management. Alternatively, if you prefer to submit an anonymous complaint, you can do so at complaints@technodocs.co.uk.
We provide support for all facets of your IT environment, covering computers, servers, network equipment, mobile devices, laptops, and beyond.


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